• LED Compliant

    Making DLC submissions simpler

Features to process applications faster

Easily assemble and manage DLC applications with the following features:

Family Grouping And Auto Scaling

Generate product families and auto-scale your testing data for every product child.

Automatically Check Product Testing Lab Data

Automatic data validation for each submission ensuring all applications are in compliance with up to date DLC technical requirements avoiding rejected applications.

Intuitive Workflow

Visually manage the preparation process better than a spreadsheet, keep track of all required documentation, and download and submit one compiled zip file for your entire product's application with an eye-pleasing user interface.


Powerful yet simple


Easily save and re-use LED Packages, Lighting Brands, and Driver information for completing multiple applications requiring the same information

Auto File-Naming Convention

LED Compliant Automatically re-names all submission files according to DLC naming conventions.

Multi-user Functionality

Enable multiple users to prepare applications in-tandem.


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